365 Year-Long Class: 2-Payment Plan


Hi, and thank you so much for your interest in “365!” I sincerely hope this payment plan option will assist you.

When you register with this button, you will pay a $10 processing fee the day you sign up, and then two installments of $99 each over two months. The first $99 should automatically happen the day after you register. Then, the final payment ($99.00) will occur 30 days later.

Please make sure your Paypal ducks are in a row: boxes checked, money available, etc.

You will be asked to create an account so that PayPal can make payments later. This is not a new PayPal account; this is just for the playment plan. If you’ve used our payment plan before and receive a “username unavailable” error message, simply add “17” to your username.

Thank you so much again!

$10.00 (one time) + $99.00 / 30 days

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