Fingerpainting : Fingerprinting

Fingerpainting : Fingerprinting
A Three-Lesson, “Bite-Sized” Class with Carla Sonheim
Painting, Acrylics • $25

Now available as a self-study class.


Price: $25.00


Fingerpaint like an adult!


One of the goals of all of our classes is to encourage you to find techniques, approaches and subject matter you ENJOY. And oftentimes this involves helping recover a more child-like, spontaneous approach to creating… and nothing says “kid” more than fingerpainting!

Join me for this fun exploration of flowers, figures and animals using the following three items: paper, acrylic paint, and your fingers!

One benefit to fingerpainting as an adult is you can bring your grown-up sensibilities to the process.

We’re going to have lots of fun with this one!



* * *

Your itinerary:

Lesson 1: Fields & Flowers
Fingerprint color fields and then flowers from life.
Tuesday, September 8th


Lesson 2: Figurepainting
Loose, expressive gesture drawings to warm up and then painting figures with your fingers!
Wednesday, September 9th



Lesson 3: Let’s Get Messy!
Start with a mess and end up with a messy (but wonderful) end result.
Friday, September 11th


* * *

Join this fun class today!

Price: $25.00


I’m happy to answer any questions! Please email me at carla[at] and I’ll get right back to you!

For this class you will need one mixed-media sketchbook or 8 sheets of watercolor paper, acrylic paint, and a small piece of vine charcoal.

Warning Note: Using any kind of paint directly on your skin may have health risks. I always use a barrier cream but for more protection you should use gloves. We want you to be safe and if you have any health concerns check your labels carefully and protect your skin. 

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