A 5-Week e-Course with Carla Sonheim

April 9 - May 13, 2012

NOTE: The class has started, but you are always welcome to
sign up any time and catch up at your own pace!

Watercolors • Mixed Media Paintings • Collage • Board Books • and More!

It's cold and rainy in my neck of the woods, but NOT here inside my studio!
If you want to take Spring into your own hands with gesso, watercolor, and a healthy dose
of flower fun, join me for an extended five-week long play time — set to finish
just when the REAL flowers start to come in!

My name is Carla Sonheim. If you don't know me, I am the author of
"Drawing Lab for Mixed Media Artists: 52 Creative Exercises to Make Drawing Fun"
and a workshop instructor known for my fun and inventive exercises that have
helped many adults recover a more child-like, playful approach to creating.

I also make watercolor fun! Over the past 15 years I've developed my own unique way
of working with watercolors alone and combining them with gesso and other media
that result in luminous, rich painted surfaces.

These techniques can be taken to paper, wood, and canvas, and we'll work with all three
surfaces during the course (plus a few other surprises!).

Some of the things we'll play with:

white gesso
permanent markers
watersoluable markers
colored pencils
white ink

This painting class (which will also include both drawing and collage assignments)
builds week-by-week, so that by the end you can take your new-found tips, tricks, and flower love
to your journals, paintings, altered books, and even your furniture, if you like!

With your sign-up you will receive:

• 15 professionally produced instructional HD Videos

• Weekly step-by-step photo tutorials at the blog

• Daily inspirational posts (M-F)

• Daily drawing assignments (optional)

• Dedicated flickr site where you'll receive encouragement and feedback
from me and your fellow travelers

• Password-protected blog,which will serve as our meeting place (when not over at flickr)

• Unlimited access to the class material (That's right! Once you've paid,
the class will be up and available for you to access "forever.")

• Your itinerary:

Week One: Watercolor Crazy
markers and pencils
watercolors made easy
layering, dry brush, and experimental mark-making
flower vocabulary

Week Two: Gesso Crazy
gesso on watercolor
watercolor on gesso
texturing 101
rub and buff

Week Three: Wood Crazy
preparing the wood
white out
gesso on wet watercolor
layers and layers

Week Four: Collage Crazy
making your own fodder
collage first
collage last

Week Five: Flower Crazy Board Books (and other fun stuff)
preparing the books
going nutty
installation idea
fabric tips
and more!

Registration is now open.
Please consider joining the fun! (I promise to make it fun.)

Cost $100



I'm happy to answer any questions!
Please email me at carla@carlasonheim.com and I'll get right back to you!

Click here for your full supply list.

Nice Testimonials from Previous Online Classes

"Loved taking your classes! They are jam packed with lessons and I had a lot of fun too!
I feel like a real artist now — I've been more productive in the last two weeks
than I have in the last two years." -- Sharon

"I just finished your Faces 101 course. Thank you so much. You are a terrific teacher
(who has clearly been teaching drawing to all levels of learners for a VERY long time)!
Really nice design with the videos and very clear, manageable projects.
Best of all is your easy, loose approach." -- Diana

"Picasso said it: 'Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.'
You are helping us remaining an artist ☺ and nobody could do it better, thank you." -- Manuela

"I feel like for the past month I’ve been able to hang out with a couple of new friends.
One of those new friends is you, Carla – and the other is the kid in me who
has been dormant for a while." -- Claudia

"The Best X 3
Best drawing class I’ve taken on-line or off-line.
Best teacher who made drawing fun.
Best time spent that brought a smile to my face and joy to my heart."
-- Judith

"Don’t think, just join! This was the best drawing experience of my life, and I have
taken a lot of classes! I learned many tools to make cool and fun art,
and tricks to get myself drawing and get the creative juices flowing if I get stuck.
Every artist should take this class at some point!" -- Traci

"I think the key is Carla’s ability to make art fun. While you’re doing the exercises,
you aren’t worried about what you’re doing so much as just enjoying the play, and before you know it,
you’ve learned you can do something new. Now I’ll take those new things and let them inform
the future work I do. Having such a personable teacher and some lovely classmates in the
flickr group really was the icing on the cake. Thanks, Carla!" -- Gretchen

"Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into the Imaginary Creatures class.
I loved everything - the warmups, the assignments, but most especially the videos. They were so easy to follow. And your supply list was simple, but not necessarily materials I use (at least not together), but you're right in that my pictures have so much more depth." -- Michele

"Carla, I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed the Faces class! Faces have always intimidated me.
Your methods of creating faces are so freeing and fun, and I feel more confident now in developing
my own style. Thank you so much. I love your teaching style!" -- Patti

"I have enjoyed this class more than I can tell you! You have veered me off into a whole new way
of thinking about my art and about drawing. The video tutorials were truly top notch
and your funny, easy going personality really shines in them. I’m looking forward to the
Junk Mail book and anything else you dream up!" -- Dar


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