Spark Summer! General Supply List


Following is a very general supply list for the “Spark Summer!” online class. Hopefully you will already have many of the items already, or can easily subsitute with what you have on hand. (And links provided are just for clarification purposes; please don’t feel you need to purchase exactly what’s linked!)

In addition, the year is long… please don’t fee you need to gather everything before class begins!

General Supply List for “Spark Summer!”

For paper, Carla will often demonstrate mostly on her favorite go-to paper, Fabriano Artistico hot-press 140# watercolor paper (the equivalent of 2 22″x30″ sheets for the year). You can also use cold-press paper (which is rougher), or any other paper you feel comfortable working with that can handle wet media, such as watercolor, acrylics and gel medium.

Sketchbooks: Carla likes a hand-book 5.5″ x 5.5“), and also inexpensive paper (such as card stock from an office supply store). In the end, just choose a size/brand that you like to work with!

Paint: For watercolors, Carla uses a small set of Pelikan watercolors, but any set — pan or tube — will work fine.  For acrylics, Carla will be demonstrating with Holbein Acryla GouacheBlickacrylics, and some Golden Fluid paints. Lynn will demonstrate with Liquitex Basics and sample jars of flat house paint.

White Gesso: We prefer Golden, as it’s a little thicker than many other brands.

Mediums: You will need a matte or a gloss medium (“regular” fluidity).

Brushes: Carla’s favorite watercolor brush is a #12 round (any brand). For acrylics, she often uses flat brushes in various sizes. Lynn: brushes can be the cheap ones with a few smaller rounds for a lyrical line.

Pencils, Pens, Erasers: Carla likes inexpensive mechanical pencilsballpoint pens and SharpiesMicrons, black Tombows,  soft vine charcoal, and water soluble markers (any brand, even inexpensive ones). We’ll work with colored pencils (any brand). I mostly use a kneaded rubber eraser.

Lynn likes #3 or #4 pencils as well. Also, a dip pen and ink (Speedball is good), white, black and any other color you like.

Glue: Glue sticks.

Collage: found papers, magazine pages, some copies of Hero people copied on card stock in color (these can be people in vintage photos or even people you know). Also, collection of paint chips/color samples from home depot to collage with (free). 

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