“Spring Watercolors” Supply List


Watercolor Paper – One of these pads will do or something equivalent:

— Arches Watercolor Pad, 140 lb., Cold Press, 15 to 30 sheets. 9” x 12” or larger.

— Strathmore 400 Series Watercolor Pad, 140 lb., Cold Pess, 15 to 30 sheets. 9” x 12” or larger.

Palette –  One of these palettes or something equivalent with plenty of mixing space. A lid is always nice.

— John Pike Watercolor Palette. It has 20 wells (spaces to put paint). This is the one that I use.

— Richeson Covered Watercolor Palette. It has 22 wells for paint and a lid.

— Jones Watercolor Palette. It has 32 wells for paint and a lid.

Paints – Student grade recommended for beginners. Buy the smallest tubes. Good student grade brands are Talens Van Gogh Watercolor Paint and Winsor and Newton Cotman Watercolor paint.

1 small tube of each:

— Alizarin Crimson
— Pyrol Red (or Cadmium Red)
— Hansa Yellow (or Cadmium Yellow)
— Yellow Ochre
— Cerulean Blue
— French Ultramarine Blue
— Payne’s Grey
— Raw Umber
— Sap Green

 Brushes – A couple of good choices are: Black Gold Watercolor Brushes and Daniel Smith Platinum Series Watercolor Brushes.

— #8, #6, #4 and a #2 Round synthetic or synthetic/natural blend watercolor brushes.


— Masking Fluid: 1 or 2 oz. bottle. Dan Smith or Winsor Newton brands recommended
— Soft pencil:  3B or 4B graphite pencil
— Roll of paper towels

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