Stained-Glass Trees Supply List

Here are the supplies needed for this class! If you don’t have the exact materials, you can probably substitute many items with things you already have on hand… email Dar with any questions!


• Two 12″x12″ canvases, 1.5″ deep

• One short and wide canvas, 1.5″ deep (I’m using 12″x24″, but 8″x24″ and 10″x30″ are fine, too!)

• One 24″x24″ canvas, 1.5″ deep

• Brushes: Any size of larger, flat brush just for laying down area of paint, medium Fan, variety of Round from 0-8, and Angled brushes in 1/8”, 1/4”

• Variety of sponges like make-up, kitchen, sponge brush, etc.

• Any other interesting mark making stuff, found objects, etc.

• 10-15 sheets of scrap/copy paper cut down into squares

• Several small pieces of white matboard, card stock, stiff paper, etc. for optional color sample

• Old magazines/catalogs or decorative scrap book/origami paper in squares

• Markers, including black

• Pencil

• Piece of white chalk or watercolor pencil

• Black gesso

• Matte medium

• Calligraphy pen/nib (I use a simple set by Speedball)

• Acrylic Ink (Suggested colors: black, white, gold; I use FW, a brand of ink made by Daler Rowney, Liquitex also makes acrylic inks. “Acrylic” is the important criteria in the ink.)

• Nail Art Dot Tools (Optional, found on Amazon)

• Spatter screen (Optional, find at

• Fineliner Applicator (Optional! This works with the High Flow Acrylics, 18 gauge has a larger hole, 20 gauge has a smaller hole; I prefer smaller 20 gauge;; find on Amazon)



Note: These are the GOLDEN colors I am using for the course. Please know that you can use any brand/colors that you like or have. 😀 Where it does not designate Fluid or Heavy Body, either is fine. A Heavy Body white and off white are necessary.)



With each lesson I will list all the GOLDEN colors I am using in the video. Please know that you can use any brand/colors that you like or have. The following colors are “must haves” for me. 🙂 Note that a Heavy Body white and “off white” are necessary for our first two paintings.

• Red (Pyrrole Dark, or ANY red, like Cadmium, Napthol, etc.)
• Cadmium Orange Deep
• Quin. Magenta
• Permanent Violet Dark (or ANY “dark” purple/violet)
• Cadmium Yellow Medium
• Cobalt Blue
• Hooker Green
• Light Ultramarine (this color goes by different names but is commonly known as “periwinkle”)
• Titanium White (both Fluid and Heavy Body*)
• Titan Buff (Fluid)
• Carbon Black (Fluid)
• Iridescent Bright Gold Fine (Fluid)
• “Off White/Buff” (Heavy Body*, I am using Matisse brand, “Australian Ghost Gum”)
• Interference (any color, but also optional!)
• GOLDEN High Flow Acrylic (Optional for use with the Fineliner), Titanium White and/or Iridescent Gold





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