The Art of Silliness

Drawing Worksheets for Adults • $25 each session


Each class is the same, but different! In other words, the same basic concepts are covered
in each session, but each class is comprised of completely different worksheets. See below for class description.

The Art of Silliness 1
The Art of Silliness 2
The Art of Silliness 3
The Art of Silliness 4
The Art of Silliness 5
The Art of Silliness en español

The Art of Silliness
(A Creative Workshop For Everyone!)

• Each day there is a new pdf worksheet, which you can download, print, and complete!

• Worksheets may include one (or more) of the following: drawing exercises (can’t draw? YES YOU CAN!), writing prompts, vocabulary words, drawing games, puzzles… (just to name a few). FUN!

• Here is a SAMPLE of a worksheet:

(Non-threatening and easy!)

• Our goal: to get you to just PLAY, just 10 minutes a day, with pen and paper, thoughts and images. (You will be surprised how a shot of silliness like this will positively inform the other goings-on in your day, including your regular artwork.)

• Most handouts will have an “Extra Credit” section, in case you want to spend MORE than 10 minutes that day creating like a kid.

• Speaking of kids… this is a perfect class to do together with your children!! Each household can download as many sheets as they like.

• TEACHERS!!!! If you do this online class, you are welcome to photocopy the worksheets for use in your classrooms.

• A blog dedicated to the class has been created and is the place for you to post comments, questions, and/or links to your finished Activity Pages.

• A class flickr site where you can (optionally) share your worksheets, drawings, artwork, and enjoy and learn from the artwork of others.

• The class material will be up and available for download until “forever,” if for some reason you need to miss a day (or a couple of weeks).

• Here’s what people have said about the Silly Series:

“I want to say that your online Art of Silliness drawing workshop caused something
of a paradigm shift in my perspective on drawing, more specifically, my ability to draw. I draw all the time now.
No big deal, no worries, no “I’m not having fun this is too ugly”, none of that.
I am now and forever more a person who draws. Because of you.” — Jennifer W.

“The Best X 3: Best drawing class I’ve taken on-line or off-line.
Best teacher who made drawing fun. Best time spent that brought a smile to my face and joy to my heart. — Judith W.


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